Revolution in Goose Control

With Goose Chaser Compact, reclaim your property and peace of mind. Essential for anyone grappling with persistent geese issues - a new era of tranquility begins here.


    Humane. Effective. Affordable.

    Your Ultimate Solution for Goose Management

    Are you constantly cleaning up after unwanted, troublesome geese? Are their noisy squabbles disrupting your peace?

    We’ve got the perfect solution for you!

    Introducing Goose Chaser, your go-to solution for effective and humane geese management. We’ve developed a highly efficient, user-friendly device that repels unwelcome Canada Geese without causing them harm.

    Humane. Effective. Affordable. These are the qualities that define Goose Chaser. Our devices emit sounds that naturally deter geese, helping you maintain a clean and peaceful environment. The Goose Chaser Compact and Rover are designed to be easily portable and can be controlled remotely, ensuring maximum convenience for you.

    Goose Chaser is becoming a recognized name in geese control across North America, thanks to its effectiveness in diverse settings – residential, commercial, and public spaces. We are proud to provide an affordable, user-friendly solution that respects animal life while addressing your needs.

    Don’t just manage, take control of your goose problem with Goose Chaser Compact. Your ultimate solution to any Canada Goose problem is just a click away. Buy now and experience the difference.


    Who Benefits from Goose Chaser?



    From small towns to large cities, Goose Chaser helps maintain peaceful and clean public spaces. It's an effective solution for managing geese populations in parks, soccer fields, school playgrounds, and bicycle paths.


    Commercial Properties

    Whether it's a corporate campus, retail complex, or any other commercial property, Goose Chaser is an ideal solution. Maintain a professional, clean environment that's free of geese-related disturbances.


    Recreational Facilities

    Golf courses and sports facilities can keep their grounds pristine with Goose Chaser. Its non-disruptive yet effective approach ensures players and visitors enjoy their time without any geese-related disturbances.


    Residential Properties

    For large residential yards and lawns, Goose Chaser is a game-changer. Homeowners can maintain their properties' beauty and tranquility without the hassle and mess caused by geese.


    Healthcare Facilities

    Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require a clean, quiet environment. Goose Chaser provides an effective, noise-free solution for keeping these essential spaces geese-free.


    Colleges and Universities

    Campus grounds can remain clean and serene with Goose Chaser. An effective and unintrusive solution for educational institutions, ensuring an optimal learning environment.

    Take Control with Goose Chaser!

    Introducing the Goose Chaser Compact – the ingenious solution in the battle against pesky geese.

    This device combines portability, power, and practicality to keep your property goose-free. Offering handheld convenience, the Compact device provides unparalleled peace of mind.

    Why let geese run the show when you can command your space with Goose Chaser Compact? Discover the freedom of a goose-free environment with our innovative, user-friendly device. It’s time to reclaim your property – because you deserve nothing less!


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